What Do I Do Now?

Choose your Date then it is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Fill †Booking Form &†email or post †it to us with your deposit of $78...... †ASAP


ACCOUNT† 1048 1845 Please put YOUR NAME

as the reference.

Upon receipt of this form WE WILL EMAIL YOU your Receipt.


Fill in Form 2 - Outlets Request Form.

Now choose from our great range of outlets. If you need to discuss any of these outlets, to see how they have been performing† just give us a call.

Upon receipt of your outlet form WE WILL EMAIL YOUR PERSONALISED SHOPPING TOUR† ITINERARY. This will confirm the outlets you will be visiting on the day, your pick up details & approx return time.


Fill in &†EMAIL FINAL PAYMENT Form (this is a separate form that is EMAILED to you) 4 WEEKS †before your tour is due to travel. We require the minimum money for 20 ladies or more. (Sydney Metro)This can be DIRECT DEPOSITED†††DETAILS ABOVE†† If you need to discuss this Form please donít hesitate to give us a call.

Upon receiving this Form we will email† your receipt. If you happen to get more ladies wanting to travel, they can pay on the day or you direct deposit more money. Remember the more ladies that travel the bigger the rebate. If the extras are going to pay on the day, call us with an approx number so we make sure you have seating to accommodate everyone. We need to know this 10 days before your tour date. Your hostess will give you a receipt for these ladies on the day.

Now the really Fun Part. Sit back relax and Shop, Shop, Shop.

Legend would like to thank you for thinking of others and wishes you all the best with you fundraising efforts.


To enable speedy processing of your Pre-payment for Deposit and Seating please make sure that itís accompanied by the relevant form 1, 2, 3 (if SENT IN WITHOUT LEGENDS PAPER WORK ALL†† LEGENDS TERMS & CONDITIONS WILL STILL APPLY.)

80 adults are required for 2 coaches in order to qualify for maximum commissions etc.

Bonus Star Ticket holders count toward your numbers (however they cover the cost of seating only and therefore do not include the cost of lunch)† min metro 21 adults plus.

In order to earn commission you must have a minimum of 24 adults paid for and travelling. Organiserís free ticket is considered as being paid only if 20 or more travelling. The minimum number applies to Sydney Metropolitan areas) onlyófor other areas please refer to Country & ACT price list.

Whilst all due care is taken by Legend Tours and our staff, we will not be held responsible for the loss of goods or personal valuables and items, which are the responsibility of the† individual shopper.

Tour† length is limited to approx† 10hrs THIS IS DEPOT TO DEPOT (Due to govt RTA regulation). Outlets opening and closing times (which alter from time to time) may impact on this.

In the event of an outlet missed for whatsoever reason, Legend will not be held responsible for loss of† commission.

In fairness to your chosen outlets we are unable to make changes to the warehouses in the 10 days preceding your tour. From time to time, for various reasons, an outlet may not be available, whilst this is rare it can sometimes happen.

Final money is due in 21 days before tour, this is for the minimum numbers of 20 adults, on day of travel if less than 20 adults (metro) are on the tour, at first point of departure, the tour will not travel and no refund will be given. In the event of cancellation Deposit is not refundable, however it is transferable within 12 months.

Commission paid on all Legend Outlets (as listed in catalogues)

Legend Tours believe all the information supplied by the traders & lunch venues listed in this catalogue & various inserts to be correct at the time of printing. Legend are not, however in a position to make a guarantee to this effect and accept no liability in the unlikely event of any information proving to be inaccurate.

A requested hostess may not be available or may have another booking. Preference is given in order of FULL MONEY arriving into the office. If seating is not in 21 days before tour date your requested hostess† WILL be allocated to another tour. This is done in fairness to the hostess, SO THEY DONíT miss out on work when their booking either cancelled or transferred.

Special Bonus Give-aways, in order to qualify & receive these various gifts you must actually visit these outlets on the day of your tour with your group & HAVE AT LEAST 20 ADULTS TRAVELLING.† To† qualify for Legends bonus deals money must be paid 21 days prior to tour date.

As a tour operator, we canít guarantee the arrival & departure times.

We will be under no liability if we are unable to carry out our scheduled day due to causes beyond our control being human or manmade problems such as strikes, road blockages, floods, delay by late passengers & service provided from third parties such as coaches, lunch venues and warehouses.

We reserve the right to refuse to carry or start or finish any tour, if we are subject to disruption of the tour, rudeness to staff or fellow passengers or any health problems. We are not responsible for any expenses that maybe incurred by the passenger.

Lunch bookings: ALL not some of your group must attend lunch.

Note: A minimum number of outlets is required to run a shopping tour. This number will depend on RTA driving hours.


For numbers under 20 adults travelling. notify the Legend office no later than 5 (five) business days prior to travelling so a mini bus can be organised. IF YOU HAVE PAID FOR 20 or more and on the DAY only 17 adults turn up YOUR TOUR WILL NOT GO AHEAD, if you have not notified the Legend office. There will be NO REFUND WHATSOEVER. We are a business and a tour with only 17 does not cover the coach hire cost and the hostess wages.






Visit Home & Gift Warehouse and

3 Other Outlets (from the

Southern Deal) to receive a

FREE Camera!!





Visit Home & Gift Warehouse and

3 Other Outlets (from the

Southern Deal) to receive a

FREE Camera!!

What Do I Do Now

1. Choose Tour Date

2. Send your Deposit

3. Send Outlet † † Request

4. Confirmation &

Payment Form